Green Coffee Bean Extract

help-scaleHow many fad diets have you tried – and be honest. If you are like many, you have dipped into at least a dozen different miracle cures to get rid of those pesky pounds that just don’t seem to ever want to go away. And there is no end to the possible diet plans out there to try either. You could probably try one that promises to help you drop 5 pounds in a week, then try the next that claims the same and if all went according to claims you would have lost those unsightly 20 pounds by the end of the month.

But we all deep down know it doesn’t work like that. When you starve yourself by eating just grapefruits or endless pots of cabbage soup or swear never to even look at another carb – then yes – your body usually reacts mostly because you have stopped eating the junk. But those fad diets are not usually sustaining and as soon as you eat bread again – the weight creeps back.

Eating less, moving more are really the best ways to get back into shape but it is hard and time consuming and certainly isn’t the quick fix that so many are looking for. But you can add in a few easy to do exercises and cut back on unhealthy snack foods without too much stress. And there is something that you can also take that can give you that extra boost to help those pounds melt away.

For decades, caffeine has been added to weight loss supplement as there have been good results from that stimulant however there have also been notable side effects including a feeling of anxiety, loss of sleep, and increased heart rates. But recently, Dr. Oz featured a weight loss supplement on his show that has the same positive effects as caffeine but not the unwanted ones – green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee bean extract has hit the mainstream media with a flurry and with good reason

Before coffee beans are roasted and made into that delicious beverage that millions of people enjoy they are in their raw form a green bean that when the extract is removed it can be a very weight loss ingredient.

The green coffee bean extract has hit the mainstream media with a flurry and with good reason – this little bean is being touted one of the newest ‘superfood’ and the claims and studies are showing very effective results when used as a weight loss supplement.

In fact, the Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal released the results of a study that had been conducted with 16 adults who lost approximately 17 pounds each in 12 weeks by taking this supplement and without making any other drastic changes in their lifestyles.


And the more significant result was their overall body fat los – 16% which added up to about 10% of their overall body weight. And those results are impressive and something that makes folks like Dr. Oz and his research team stand up and take a look. They don’t get behind supplements just on a whim, so you can be confident that if you try a weight loss supplement included the green coffee bean extract and follow the instructions carefully, you should realize your weight loss dreams too!

So why not put down that coffee cup and pick up a green coffee bean extract supplement instead. You will be happy you did!